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The Shame of Rush Springs. Some teens have been getting a message that bigger, faster and stronger is better. But in less than six months, startling events would shatter this new family. Tioga County in upstate New York is the kind of place where people go to escape the problems of the big cities. These monsters can appear to be polite, best free dating likable people.

Should wrongdoers who are mentally ill be treated in the same way as are calculating, cold-blooded murderers? She was allegedly pregnant at the time of her disappearance. Do you believe in life after death? Marine Corps, and Erin Corwin.

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Who Killed Toni Heartstring. How many toupees are too many? Please enjoy this very special episode of A Date with Dateline! Why did Vicki Robinson, a single mother and real estate agent with no enemies, dating online disappear?

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On the Verge of a Verdict. Arturo Gatti's Last Fight Update. Grab some nacho fries and strap in for this very, very, very special episode of A Date With Dateline. Kimberly and Katie reach into the Dateline vault and pull out this case involving drugs, duct tape, deep tans and a jaw dropping demise of another pillar in the community.

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But is fame all it is cracked up to be? Early each morning, local fishing constable Tony Jackett patrols the waterways around tiny Truro, Mass. Being a celebrity isn't always easy.

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Jesse James worked with Representative Bruce Braley on legislation that would improve conditions for both domestic violence and sexual assault victims in the military. Elizabeth Smart is home with her family at last, professionals dating her long nightmare at an end. But some families get more creative about their arguments. His wife hysterical about the home invasion robbery gone bad that changed her life. The death of boxer Arturo Gatti is investigated to determine whether he committed suicide or was murdered.

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During the early morning hours of Feb. During the early morning hours of Nov. But when hours turn into days and weeks, or even months and years, there's desperation and a willingness to look anywhere for answers. When a Kentucky man is convicted of murdering his co-worker, it appears the mystery is solved until a stunning disclosure years later turns the closed case upside-down.

48 Hours Premiered Rodney Alcala The Killing Game on CBS

What is the thrill of risking danger? Modern medicine is pushing the limits like never before. Why is Zack Morris such a cad? Including, why is there a detective wandering around in the shrubbery? Jackson basically picked a Marine, any Marine, to exact his vengeance.

It turns out Navy veteran Peggy Sue Thomas lured him to his death. Sex, Lies and the Doctor's Wife. When it came to the important things in life, including family, friends and a comfortable home, Janet March had it all. In the small town of Roby, Texas, exact dating people were down on their luck. Searching For Immortality.

So find us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and give us your thoughts on a silver platter! Josh Mankiewicz takes his pocket squares, investigative wiles and a new reporter accessory gasp! He has claimed to be a serial killer.

Ashton Kutcher expected as a witness in trial of man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Ashley Ellerin pic. Who Murdered the Newlyweds. Possible but probably not threesomes! For seven weeks last year, in the Texas port city of Galveston, Texas, one of the wealthiest men in America was standing trial for the bizarre murder of an elderly man.

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1. Ashley Ellerin
  1. In a matter of months, they all were under one roof.
  2. The murder of Catherine Woods, an aspiring Broadway dancer whose throat was slashed in her New York apartment, is investigated.
  3. Was there no one to stop him?
  4. But what makes this case different is that Susan and her lawyers are saying it on the record.
  5. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder may be the most controversial health issue in the United States.
  6. The last time America saw actor Robert Blake, he was locked up in the L.
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48 Hours Premiered Rodney Alcala The Killing Game on CBS

Chris Evans was a Mystery Date before he was Captain America

It was supposed to be the house of their dreams. Rodeo is a brutal, dangerous business. For year-old Taylor Behl of Vienna, Va. And that the confinement is self-imposed. Dennis is more than enough in this Dateline about families, betrayals and a very Shakespearean ending.

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Red Notice For Murder 48 Hours Mystery

Medical mystery or murder? Then a murder uncovers secrets, lies, and a mystery that had been buried for years. But he had been living a double life, dating Joyce Fransson, a woman he met while attending Barstow college. Yet, investigators think the suspect might be much closer to the victim. Did you know that one in three American familites is victimed by fraud each year?

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And Joyce should fry with him. Caught in the Crossfire aka Courting Disaster. After one miraculously survives, she is determined to find out who the attacker is. Find out some answers to some old questions and walk away with some new ones with this very special episode of A Date With Dateline.

  • Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports.
  • The discovery of a car abandoned on a bridge in New Jersey turns into a missing person case that evolves into a months-long homicide investigation.
  • Kimberly and Katie are happy to present the third installment of The Mank Files!
  • Dennis Murphy reports on the major developments in the case, and the family feud that led to a murder trial.
  • What makes someone fit to be a parent?

The Curse of Small Town U. For almost every patient, a cancer diagnosis used to be a death sentence. Out of Control aka Parent Trap.

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