This date code is shown below in the gunsmithing section. With that in mind, many hunters would simply use the as their primary magazine, poor guy dating rich eliminating all the hassle. It comes supplied with factory sling swivel studs. And then the barrel lug can also be tight after you get the lug extension off.

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If you find marks on the underside of the barrel, they will more than likely be fitters or assembly marks, which mean nothing as to dating the firearm. Remington chewed up receiver rails. Remington visible pivot pin hole in receiver. Contact Remington through their Help Center by e-mail at info remington. The right receiver panel had two gold embellished elk.

There is no inspector mark on this side. This program has been discontinued since about the mid s. These firearms are now obsolete and if you contact Remington, they will say they don't have any parts. More liability, so this whole idea was apparently abandoned. This is also true with the pump.

Remington Manufacture Dates

It says it does, but I find no codes stamped on my barrel that look like what's described here. If not, it is good to about yards, which covers everything I normally do. Once that was done, I zeroed it right where I wanted and I called it good enough to hunt. It addressed the cartridge ejection problem by repositioning the extractor and ejector along with widening the receiver ejection port.

Remington Barrel date Code

This however was more than the original gun was worth even in excellent shape. Two unique promotional tie-ins were introduced in the catalog. The impulse reaction system of gas flowing in a tube that impinges on a blind hole in the action bar was selected. Initially the buttstock wood was plain uncheckered walnut, with no grip cap and sported a cast aluminum buttplate. However, sales continued well into to clean out warehouse stock.

Dating a Remington 740 - any history

May saw the introduction of the caliber. Also if there is a custom or aftermarket barrel installed it will not have these factory codes. The front ramps were also screwed on. Using these barrel codes to date a shotgun is somewhat unreliable, as shotgun barrels are often interchanged at random. Here you have one of the better aftermarket high capacity magazines.

Manufacture Dates Remington Society of America

The bore was bad also that when I got the gun, but it was firing and extracting, much to my dismay. With the Form filled out, marriage we were the proud owners of a Remington Woodsmaster in. However I have seen a few filed off the rear square portion. At least we were on paper this time.

This bolt does not go all the way through into the barrel lug on disassembly, but is needed in that location for reassembly for re-alignment. All metal was matte finish and the bolt action Model style rear sight was used. This could mean usually peening down or filing down the rear latch. Mark the relationship of the barrel to the barrel lug with a scribe mark on layout die so you can re-align the sights. In use, for removal the base is inserted over the barrel lug extension, guy the slider is then slid endwise into the lug recess.

It was offered only in caliber. This barrel is a true in that it has the proper rear sight dovetail and Silver soldered on front ramp. Look at any new semi-auto and you will see a very smooth chamber, some are even chrome plated. The target was completely untouched after the first five shots.

Remington // Semi-Aut

And heat treating of this long pivoting ejector was critical. Original forearms had finger grooves running horizontally most of the length, weakening it. But partial production got ahead of engineering, so they apparently put the project on the back burner, and focused then on getting the pump out first.

These extractors are riveted into the bolt, require a special rivet and tool to install. Initial results at yards were disappointing. However the larger latch off the newer series can be used if the new spring is also used. It was much improved and good enough, I decided, with which to hunt. The only difference was the utilized a lock open on the last round follower system.

Then since things do not improve by themselves, the extractor may get bent and not be as efficient as it should be. The prices were the same as the rifles. The major improvements over the Model were a simpler bolt, which now had four lugs in place of nineteen, and a single unit replacing the breech ring and barrel extension. Well, the gun is somewhat ruined now, whatever you do to get it operational makes it better than it was. In the Pacific Northwest, elk season is later in the year when the weather is nasty, cold, rain, sleet and blowing.

So it may be difficult at times to determine exactly what is what. You can not get it all the same there, but enough to work. Pull the guide rearward enough to clear the gas nozzle on the barrel lug, then the U shaped guide down, then pull out and forward the metal guide tube. It was offered in calibers. Also some letters were left out if there was a chance of misidentifying a date.

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January of brought in the. But if it fails to close completely it is usually not caused by this, but a bad chamber or ammo, or for an early gun a unscrewed barrel lug extension as mention below. If your rifle's operating handle seems hard to pull back, or the gun fails to chamber around or even close on a empty chamber, one of the first things to look at is scope mount screws. Now the barrel assembly, match speed dating operating rod and bolt assembly can be drawn forward and out of the receiver.

  • Magazine latches are also obsolete.
  • They must have had bosses who were politicians, as we, the small independent dealers were swooned and lied to when these new models were advertised.
  • Firing pins also are obsolete, however I think Pennsylvania Gun Parts is having them made.
  • Several roll-engraved commemorative Model s and Model s have been offered.
  • The was gas operated, so it might not kick too hard.

Dating a Remington - any history

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Dating a Remington - Shooters Forum

On-line Journal Articles New Journals have links to. It featured positive cut checkering on a slimmer pistol grip, full cheekpiece Monte Carlo buttstock, and a flared forearm. You will not see this in print anywhere else, but about all that makes sense as far as manufacturing.

Remington Model 740 Model 742 and Model 7400 Autoloading Rifles

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They also had a release button on the bottom to override this feature. The magazine feed lips were changed to improve cartridge feeding. The end result was that we were therefore stuck with higher priced guns on our shelves, and upset customers. This extension is actually the barrel's locking lugs.

When it slammed forward, the deformed cartridge was placed right in the chamber, where it should have been the first time. Sometimes these lug units are seized on rather tight. Also the magazines will have been carried in a pocket where lint, twigs, dirt etc. As theorized above, the was probably made only during the first year, with the improved A coming into the product line as soon as the old inventory was cleared out.

Remington Model 740 Model 742 and Model 7400 Autoloading Rifles

There is also another hole in the rear of the slot. This gap between the rear of the forearm and the front of the receiver should be about about. At another table, a man was selling Federal Power-Shok rifle cartridges.

Remington Model Woodsmaster
  1. Failure to eject after a scope was mounted is a situation that can also be encountered.
  2. This smaller diameter shank is needed so you do not scrub the inside of the receiver, as it is that close.
  3. This location then became a weak spot and ejector breakage, or material pulling loose at the pivot pin lips of the C allowing the ejector to fall out.
  4. This then leaves no metal to hold the extractor into the bolt head.
  5. An issue that people need to be aware of, is that many Remington firearms such as the series of shotguns can have their barrels easily changed or replaced.

On this gun the extractor held the loaded round tight enough to allow the firing pin to actually fire the round. The catalog offered the Buckmasters Limited Edition M with special pressure applied fine-line engraving on both receiver panels and fewer than were sold. This new style extractor was also incorporated into the model bolt action gun.

You now can have a really stuck fired case and a broken bolt head. And the F again being an assembly number. The receiver was drilled and tapped for scope mounts and a receiver sight.

Dating a remington 740

Dating a Rifle
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